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Jewish Family News - Winter 2014

March 15, 2014, Susan Lietch

The Los Angeles Goldenberg Ziman Special Care Center adopts The Memory Magic Program.

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Therapeutic Benefits & ICD9 Codes for Reimbursement Sheet


Provides an overview of benefits to residents and their families, staff, administrators and managers, and therapy staff. We provide a comprehensive list of ICD9 codes that allow reimbursement when providing therapies for residents with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Ontario Long Term Care Association Newsletter


Providing residents with social and emotional benefits

The Ontario Long Term Care Association reports that the Memory Magic Program is providing residents with social and emotional benefits. The program promotes all-around success for residents, says therapist Gail Jones of Alexander Place. She is using the Memory Magic™ Program as a key element in their Cognitive Retention Therapy.

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Gerontechnology: Proceedings of the International Gerontechnology Society, Pisa, Italy

June 2008,

Human factors design of a group activity for people with dementia

Memory Magic™ was developed as a group activity for persons with dementia. Using Montessori principles and human factors research, we designed the activity to successfully engage individuals with varying levels of cognitive and physical ability. The design process began with testing of a number of design parameters to determine which design structure was most ergonomically sound and would best accommodate visual and perceptual deficits common to aging and dementia. As a result of the pilot testing, a prototype design for the activity was developed and 15 models were constructed. The models were then tested in long term care, adult day care, and assisted living settings. Results indicate that Memory Magic™ elicited more positive engagement, improved affect, and a reduction of negative behaviors in 24 participants.

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McKnight's Long-Term Care News

April 2008, McKnight's

Memory enhancement

The Memory Magic Program is a therapeutic, Montessori-based memory game that engages people with a wide range of cognitive abilities. It uses lifelong habits and skills to promote long-term memory, reading, social interaction, positive emotions and motor skills. It also has been shown to help reduce disruptive behavior.

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"It's a kind of magic!"

09/01/2010, Darragh O Keeffe

A review of use of the Memory Magic Program in Anglican Care, an Australian long-term care chain.


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Advance for LPN

March 26, 2007, Nick Schaefer

Beyond Bingo, residents at some LTC facilities are playing "Mind Games" to improve their cognitive ability.

While some facility administrators are turning to technology to help improve their residents’ cognitive health, others are sticking to a more traditional activity to meet this goal. Janet Mullen, Division Director of Quality of Life of Golden Living (formerly Beverly) is working to implement The Memory Magic Program across the country. "The game is a great activity for residents of all cognitive abilities. Residents with dementia often have problematic behavior such as wandering and agitation because they are bored," Mullen explained. “Memory Magic gives patients who are prone to these behaviors something to do to keep them busy while also helping to improve their memory.”

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Creative Forecasting

February 2006, Pegi Schils, CTRS, ACC

Resource Spotlight: The Memory Magic™ Program

Memory Magic™ Program is an innovative, therapeutic program that combines trivia with reminiscence. This product was developed to provide an interesting and entertaining activity for people with memory problems. Memory Magic™ Program is a game that is played by an individual or a group of up to 20 people. An activity professional can engage a group for up to 60 minutes. Memory Magic™ Program is a well-designed product that can be used easily by staff and volunteers. It is versatile and a successful activity for people with memory problems that will get a lot of use. It is well constructed that will ensure use for many years.

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Akron Beacon Journal - "Mind Games"

Tue, Sep. 21, 2004, By Cheryl Powell

‘Bingo with words’ game developed in Akron tested nationwide as aid to Alzheimer’s patients

Beacon Journal medical writer Cheryl Powell reports: Alzheimer’s disease is a cruel intruder that unrelentingly takes over a person’s brain and steals memories and skills, bit by agonizing bit. Routine daily activities become struggles. Loved ones turn into strangers. But a local company has developed a program to let people with Alzheimer's and related forms of dementia use and enjoy the skills they have left in a social setting.

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Gerontechnology: Proceedings of the International Gerontechnology Society, Nagoya, Japan

May 2005, Anthony Sterns, Ronni Sterns, Harvey Sterns, and Vincent Antenucci

A low-tech intervention and therapy for large groups of persons with dementia

The Memory Magic concept (copyrighted, patent pending) is an innovative, engaging activity for an individual or a group of 10 to 20 or more persons with cognitive disabilities in both institutional and home care settings. A single activity staffer can run the activity leaving other staff to complete other tasks. One hundred persons with dementia were observed in 3 states and in each of 3 different care settings; skilled nursing (including general populations and memory care units), adult day care, and assisted living. At least three observations playing Memory Magic and three observations playing a comparable activity were completed for each participant. MMSE and WRAT-3 scores were also collected. Engagement was measured using the Menorah Park Engagement Scale (Camp, 2002). The game was shown to be significantly more effective for constructively engaging people with dementia in all three settings.

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Press Release

February 14, 2006, Vice Pres. of Marketing, Creative Action LLC

National Institute on Aging study finds unique therapeutic activity produces dramatic results for people with dementia.

  • Study shows Memory Magic™ Activity stimulates elderly in nursing homes and adult day care centers to socialize, share memories, and smile- and it's also the highest rated activity of caregivers.

  • Results prompt nation's largest long-term care provider, Beverly Healthcare, to initiate implementation of the activity nation-wide.

Resident Care Products Magazine

March/April 2008, RCP Magazine

Group activity program

Creative Action's Memory Magic therapeutic program uses life-long habits and skills to promote long-term memory, reading, speaking, social interaction, positive emotions, and fine and gross motor skills. The program can reduce disruptive behavior while engaging groups of 10 to 20 residents for up to one hour. Each Memory Magic set includes 10 therapy boards, 40 card inserts, and 240 calling cards for the activity leader, all of which can be sanitized.

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