"It's a kind of magic!"

An Australian provider using a new therapeutic activity from the US says it is seeing a reduction in wandering and isolation among residents with dementia. Darragh O Keeffe reports.

Anglican Care is the first aged care provider in Australia to purchase and implement the program. The provider is currently rolling the activity out across its seven residential aged care facilities, consisting of 528 high and low care places, its community-based programs, consisting of 181 packages and its day therapy centre.

To evaluate the benefits of the program for residents and staff, the provider has commissioned Monash and Swinburne universities to evaluate the implementation.

“We wanted to see if the residents responded to the activity, and they absolutely did. I remember in one of the earliest sessions, a lady who wanders a lot ended up sitting down and playing for an hour and a half; she was so engrossed. That just blew the staff away and completely confirmed the US research findings.”

It’s just remarkable, the results we’re seeing,” says Meldrum. “As its name suggests, it’s magic.”

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